About Us

"Gadgets are a guys best friend"

Although this is not true for everyone, very few people can say they have never seen a new gadget for the first time and not said "Wow! Now that is cool" (Even if only in your head)

I know I sure have, almost DAILY!

My name is Louis and, like many, I have spent countless amounts of money on all sorts of cool toys gadgets and household appliances. My wife, she rolls her eyes every time I try to sell her the reasons why we NEED this new gadget. Some times I get my way, some times I don't. Either way, just finding that cool new gadget leaves me feeling just a little bit happier about my day.

TL:DR I love Gadgets

My Promise to you

If I find it cool, amusing, or just plain awesome I will let you know about it.

  • New Gadgets & Toys added frequently.

The world is wide, and new gadgets are always being invented and I will do my best to make them available to you as quick as possible.

  • Discounts passed on to you.

Its Impossible to guarantee the cheapest price on all items but where I can I will order in bulk and pass as much of that saving on to you.

  • You will be as satisfied with your new Toy or Gadget as I would be.

If for some reason you receive your product and you are not totally happy with it. Let me know and I will fix it for you. 

My Apology to you

You didn't need that money for your wedding, or your child's university fund or that deposit on a house. You really didn't. I am sorry for suggesting you spend it all on Toys & Gadgets.

Smile, Have Fun & Live Happy